• Leather Bag

    Spa Starts atRs.799
  • Leather Accessories

    Spa Starts atRs.499
  • Leather Garments

    Spa Starts atRs.1499
  • Leather Shoes

    Spa Starts atRs.399


We perform cleaning and re-conditioning on all types of leather, suede, nubuck, patent and exotic skins as we have trained artisans specifically devoted to the cleaning and restoration of your leather goods with our unique Eight Stage Process.


  • Women Leather Shoe / Heels 399 onwards*
  • Women Ankle Leather Boots 499 onwards*
  • Women Knee Leather Boots 799 onwards*
  • Men Leather Shoe 399 onwards*
  • Athletic / Sport shoes 299 onwards*
  • Coloring of Women Leather Shoe / Heels 999 onwards*
  • Coloring of Women Ankle Leather Boots 1499 onwards*
  • Coloring of Women Knee Leather Boots 1999 onwards*
  • Coloring of Men Leather Shoe 999 onwards*
  • Coloring of Athletic / Sport shoes 799 onwards*